Peace Corps Panama Friends;
Panama RPCVs

  • Sustainable Harvest International
    Florence Reed founded Sustainable Harvest International in 1997 to address the global issues of poverty and deforestation in Central America.
  • Native Futures - Rio HondoNative Future
    Returned Panama PCV's founded Native Future to work with the Wounaan in Panama to protect rainforest and prevent the cultural extinction of a unique indigenous people.
  • Jerga de Panamá
    Roxana Fitch's "Jerga... Argot... Slang... Modismo..." dictionary.
  • Panamá Verde
    Teach young Panamanians to become better citizens by training them to address environmental and social issues in their communities.
  • Pajaro Jai in Washington, DCPajaro Jai
    The Pajaro Jai sailboat was constructed on the banks of a river in the Darien rainforest of Panama. See photo above.
  • Diablos Rojos DVD
    Nina Muller-Schwartz produced a documentary film about Panama buses.
  • Soposo Rainforest Adventures Return to Panamá stories
  • Soposo Rainforest Adventures
    Demecia Lloyd (RPCV Group 44) is operating Soposo Rainforest Adventures for people who are searching for a unique and genuine rain forest experience.
  • Casa del Puerto de Panamá
    Bonnie Birker (Panama RPCV Group 14, La Enea de Guararé, Los Santos) operates the Casa del Puerto bed and breakfast in Port of Rio Guararé halfway down the east coast of the Azuero peninsula.
  • The Purple House
    Andrea Aster (RPCV David, Chiriquí, 2000-2002) celebrates six years of running The Purple House International Backpackers' Hostel in David, Chiriquí.
  • FARMS Leadership
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