Bud Keith Scholarship Fund for the Blind

Since 2008, PCPF has funded a program to enable needy, visually-impaired Panamanians  become financially self-sufficient.  From the beginning, we’ve partnered with a private organization in Panama, the Patronato Luz del Ciego (Light for the Blind Foundation).  The Patronato’s exclusive mission is to provide rehabilitation services for the blind in Panama.logo_patronato

The fund is named for Bud Keith, a blind Peace Corps volunteer who served at Panama’s Helen Keller School for the Blind in the 1960s. Read Bud Keith Biography.

The program began by providing financial support for two students.  As donations have permitted, the number of Bud Keith Scholars has grown and the program has funded additional employment-related activities.  We’ve provided five kinds of help:

  • Scholarships for 10 students. Meet the students, read their stories.
  • Mobility Training to enable visually impaired people to travel independently using a cane. So far, we’ve paid for training 24 people.
  • Employment Experience: We’ve provided work experience to two people. Read about the different approaches we’ve tried.
  • Career Counseling: Read about the seminar we sponsored for blind high school and college students. Successful blind professionals described their careers and answered questions from the students.
  • On-the Job training: Read about computer training we provided for three people at their workplace.

You can donate to the fund in one of two ways:

1. Donate On-line

Pay with credit card or PayPal. It’s fast, free and secure! You do not need a PayPal account to donate.

2. Donate by Mail

Make our your check out to “Peace Corps Panama Friends” memo “Bud Fund”.

Mail to:

Peace Corps Panama Friends
c/o Jerry Lutes
21 Farm Haven Court
Rockville, MD 20852-4231

Thank you,

Jerry Lutes
Bud Keith Fund Coordinator
Revised: 03/27/2018