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GAD camp facilitator Sarah Watson and a student at the GAD camp in Capira.

The Gender and Development (GAD) Committee of Peace Corps Panama is a cross-sector group of Volunteers working together and with Host Country Nationals (HCNs) with the overall objective of the education and promotion of gender equality in the economic and social spheres of all Panamanians and Panamanian life.

GAD addresses these objectives by campaigning and educating on gender-issues; recognizing men and women as partners in the quest for equality, women’s rights defense and promotion and empowerment initiatives aimed toward Panamanian women, men, youth and the Peace Corps community through training, conferences and workshops.

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  • President Nico Bringardner (njbring[AT]
  • Vice President Laura Hayes (laurendhayes[AT]
  • Secretary Steve Bailey (stevecbailey[AT]
  • Treasurer Sydney Morgan (sydneyvmorgan[AT]
  • Youth Development Specialist Tempest Carter (tempestcarter[AT]
  • Special Olympics Coordinator Talitha LaPorte (tlaporte789[AT]

GAD sponsors activities throughout the year, including national seminars as well as classes and lectures taken directly to local communities that focus on themes affecting women and families on a local and national level. A sample of topics covered include health and nutrition, sexual and reproductive education, alcohol and drug abuse, parenting skills, cross­-gender communication, as well as economic empowerment and organizing.

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GAD camp facilitator Steve Bailey and a student at the GAD camp in Capira.

All activities are designed to promote GAD objectives:

  1. Promotion of women’s rights
  2. Increasing awareness of problems and issues that affect men, women and gender relations
  3. Problem specific education on health and social problems that touch men, women and families.

GAD Facebook Group


  • Gender and Development Conference

2011 letter to PCPF



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