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Current Volunteers
& PC Projects

Women in Development/Gender Awareness Development is current Peace Corps volunteers working throughout the world to promote development and education among women in developing countries.
Photo of mola.Mola Cooperative
Mola cooperative members have a new website to sell their goods.   

Robinne Weiss Web Page
Returned Panama volunteer Robinne Weiss's web page on her Panama experience.

San Lorenzo Project
CEASPA (Panamanian Center for Research and Social Action) project to protect the Atlantic side of Panama, along the western bank of the Panama Canal.

• Also see volunteer's fotos.

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The "Isla de Bocas" website.

Canal Zone Brats
A self-named web page by people who lived in the Canal Zone. The "Panama" button provides interesting information about Panamá..

Caske (Central American Sea Kayak Expedition)
Embera children.Articles & photos of Kuna, Ngobe, Embera & Waounan indigenous people.  Studies sponsored by Native Peoples.

Grupo Ecoturistico Los Quetzales
Your private chalet inside La Amistad National Park near Costa Rica.

Latin American Network Information Center
LANIC has excellent reference desk for Panamá.

Map of Panamá
Relief map of Panamá from the University of Texas online map collection.
This is a 214 KB JPEG file.

National Anthem of Panamá Listen to the Panamanian national anthem from the Internet.

Panama Guide
"Thousands of articles about Panamá in English."

Logo for Panama Tours company with a variety of pictures of Panama.Panama Tours
Virtual tourism center.
"One stop travel resource for travellers to Panamá."

Panamá Verde
Web page of national youth ecology group.   PCV Jackie Flynn helped start this group in 1998.

Panamanian Recipes
Best recipes for carimañolas, ceviches, arroz con pollo, tamales Panameños, flan, etc. Enjoy!

Panameños alrededor del Mundo
Panamanian web community.

Rainforest JewelsTagua nut frog.
Selling art from  indigenous groups of Panamá.

Virtual Panama
"There are few places in the world with protected rain forests, pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, rugged mountains, world class fishing, snorkeling, diving and sailing opportunities so accessible."


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Our Members

Soposo Rainforest Adventures
Demecia Lloyd (RPCV Group 44) is operating Soposo Rainforest Adventures for people who are searching for a unique and genuine rain forest experience.

Casa del Puerto de Panamá
Bonnie Birker (Panama RPCV Group 14, La Enea de Guararé, Los Santos) operates the Casa del Puerto bed and breakfast in Port of Rio Guararé halfway down the east coast of the Azuero peninsula.

The Purple House
Andrea Aster (RPCV David, Chiriquí, 2000-2002) celebrates six years of running The Purple House International Backpackers' Hostel in David, Chiriquí.



Native Future
Photo of Wounaan children, Rio Hondo
Protecting Cultures Conserving Land 
Returned Panama PCV's have founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to work with the Wounaan in Panama to protect rainforest and prevent the cultural extinction of a unique indigenous people. 

Pajaro Jai Foundation
Photo of Pajaro Jai under construction.

The Pajaro Jai Foundation was established in 1990 to help manage and support the activities of the sailing ketch, Pajaro Jai which was constructed in Panama by the natives of the Darien rain forest, including Choco Indians, Interioranos (most of whom are subsistence farmers), and Darienistas (primarily escaped slave descendants).

Buy molas from cooperative program fostered by returned Panama volunteer Mac Chapin.

Students Helping Street Kids International
Students Helping Street Kids International enlists U.S. students and others to raise funds to pay for scholarships for street kids in Brazil and elsewhere in the world so they can attend school in their own communities. Jim Beyer, a returned Panama Peace Corps volunteer, is vice-president of the organization.

Sustainable Harvest International
Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) provides farmers and communities in the tropics with long-term assistance implementing environmentally and economically sustainable technologies. Their mission is to reverse environmental degradation by helping rural inhabitants restore ecological stability and sustainable economic productivity to overexploited lands. Panama RPCV Florence Reed is president of SHI.

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Peace Corps

Peace Corps Panama
The Peace Corps' country page for Panamá.  

An eight-page bulletin of employment and educational opportunities for RPCVs published twice a month.  Peace Corps sends it to free for two years.  Then RPCVs can subscribe via the National Peace Corps Association.

National Peace Corps Association
The NPCA is for Peace Corps returned volunteers, staff, family, and friends.

Peace Corps
The home page of the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps Online
An independent news forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
 • See Peace Corps Panamá stories.

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